Thursday, October 26, 2006


As I mentioned in the inaugural post, this blog was created rather suddenly and without a lot of forethought. Consequently, I had no idea whether the name "Evangelution" had ever been used before on the internet. Since then, I Googled "Evangelution" and found only 4 different hits with two different usages of the word:

1. Combination of the words evangelization and revolution; i.e., a new way of doing evangelism
2. The evolution of Evangelicals: the two references with this usage were not clear exactly what they were referring to. From the context, it appears to refer to the adaption of Evanglicals to differing political environments so as to ensure their survival. In one of the references it definitely had negative connotations.

There was another hit in German which had something to do with Japanese anime. Go figure!

Just to be thorough, I also googled "Evangolution" and got one hit which was an irreverent parody about preaching evolution.

So, it appears that no one on the web has used this term to refer to an evangelical perspective on evolution. It's not so easy to be first on the web anymore! However, as will be discussed in future posts, this is not a new idea; evangelicals have been exploring evolution for a while and there are several good books that have come out recently from this perspective.


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